Suggested Barrel Break In:

This is the standardized process Falkor Defense and Dracos Barrels suggests.
• Use Factory Match Grade Ammunition
• Load (5) rounds into magazine
• Fire (5) rounds through the rifle
• Clean barrel with solvent and dry patches.
• Repeat this process (3) more times. You should fire (4) five round groups and have cleaned the barrel (4) times up to this point.
• You will then fire (20) rounds through the rifle/barrel.
• Clean the barrel using solvent. Check for copper fouling.
• Repeat this process (3) more times, firing a total of (4) strings of (20) rounds.
• After the first (100) rounds, a normal firing schedule can be used. Continue to do so for about 250 rounds.
• Continue to clean the barrel with solvent and dry patches until you are no longer getting copper fouling coming out of the barrel. | 406-752-4253