Bolt Action Barrel Blank


The Bolt Action StraightJacket System is changing the game in the contoured barrel blank world.  With it’s lightweight, rigid, longer lasting and accuracy oriented design, this barrel is like none other on the market. We’ve taken our industry leading AR-platform barrels  and applied the same technology to this product. Some of the key features of this barrel are:

  • Internal Heat Reduction: The StraightJacket system allows the contoured barrel blank to transfer heat energy rapidly to the ceramic compound and dissipate through the aluminum sleeve, allowing for more consistent shot placement and minimized cold-bore shift.
  • Light-Weight: Our barrels come in at only 3-4 oz heavier than the leading carbon fiber competitor, of the same length and contour. (27″ long 1.250″ diameter blank weighs 8.87 lbs and a 27″ StraightJacketed blank, 1.182″ Jacket and 1.220″ shank diameter weighs 4.43 lbs)
  • Rigid: The ceramic compound constricts around the barrel blank, through our patented baking process reduces barrel whip and point of impact shift.

Try one out for yourself and see the difference!


**Due to the weight and diameter of our barrels, all Dracos barrels are in compliance with Maryland’s “Heavy Barrel” law.

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.224, .243, .264, .284, .308


3", 5"


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