The most accurate barrel on the market

Here's how we do it

Reduced Barrel Whip

By pressure fitting a thin-walled machine tube onto a barrel core, and then filling the void with our proprietary media, the resulting new monolithic structure adds accuracy-enhancing rigidity.

Drastically Reduced Heat

The greatest enemy to accuracy is heat. Our barrels reduce heat caused by firing, keeping the internal chamber and bore temperature very low.

Extended Barrel Life

By reducing heat and controlling the pressure wave throughout the barrel, we are able to dramatically extend the life of the barrel and offer an industry-first lifetime warranty and guarantee on the barrel.

The DRACOS StraightJacket® Barrel System


The bullet never lies. When it comes to performance, the DRACOS StraightJacket® barrel is the most advanced lightweight composite barrel in the world. Through innovation and science, we are delivering a technology with one purpose in mind… unparalleled accuracy and barrel life.

To back up our claim, we offer a 100% money back guarantee and an industry first LIFETIME WARRANTY on the barrel. When you own a DRACOS StraightJacket®, you will own one for life.

Patent Pending pneumatic expansion chamber, which cushions the action and allows users to adjust dwell-time to dial in their caliber, custom loads, and increase accuracy with suppressor use.
Heat transferring, non-meltable composite compound that creates a neutral atmosphere around the inner core of the barrel.
Aerospace grade aluminum jacket with Type III Hard Anodize.


In an independent test by H.P. White Labs, 390 rounds were fired in 3 minutes and 40 seconds. After testing was complete, temperature testing was done on the chamber and muzzle ends. With ambient temperature being 65 degrees Fahrenheit, the barrel was a mere 207 degrees Fahrenheit at chamber and muzzle. Existing military data says a conventional barrel would be over 1500 degrees Fahrenheit after the same test.



Frequently Asked Questions

When are the barrels available?

We are currently shipping FALKOR Rifles with Dracos Barrels, and will be offering barrels for individual purchase through our website starting in Q2 of this year.

How much do they cost?

Barrels start at $850. Prices subject to change without notice.

What calibers are available?

Our current offering will include barrels for AR15, AR10, and Bolt Action platforms.

Are you making bolt action barrels?

Yes! Our expected availability for bolt action barrels will be Q2-Q3 of this year. Currently, our focus is delivering barrels paired with FALKOR Defense rifles. Next will be gas barrels, and then bolt actions.